Poets Live in April: Slam!

When: April 7 at 19:30
Where: at our new venue
Berkeley Books of Paris, 8 rue Casimir Delavigne, 75006 Paris
Métro: Odéon

Poets Live will host the second slam competition organized by Paris Lit Up. A slam is a poetry competition in which a poet performs an original memorized piece. Slam poems tend to be political, personal, or both — their ultimate goal is to provoke. Each poet is graded on a scale of 0.0 - 10.0 by three judges chosen from the audience. The grades are based on the poet’s performance as much as the poem’s content and style.

The competition is open to all poets.
Poets can sign up the evening of the competition, 30 minutes in advance.
Poems must be original.
Props, costumes, and music are not permitted.
Poems must not exceed three minutes.

A final slam will be held in May at Culture Rapide to determine who continues onwards to the Coupe du Monde, held during the 12th Grand Slam National from June 1-7th.

What some more info on slam poetry?

Next Poets Live reading will be May 26 at Berkeley Books.


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If you'd like to know what's happening in the anglophone poetry and prose communities here in Paris, browse the Paris Readings & Events listing. If you're interested in polylingual open mic, there's Spoken Word. There are many other reading series, including the bilingual Ivy Writers, Double Change and Pause on the Landing.

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