Poets Live in March with Elizabeth Willis, Eugene Ostashevsky and Alberto Rigettini

When: March 17, 2015 at 19:30
Where: at our new venue,
Berkeley Books of Paris, 8 rue Casimir Delavigne, 75006 Paris
Métro: Odéon

Elizabeth Willis is the author of Alive: New and Selected Poems, forthcoming from New York Review Books in April 2015. Her other books of poetry include Address (Wesleyan, 2011); Meteoric Flowers (Wesleyan, 2006); Turneresque (Burning Deck, 2003); and The Human Abstract (Penguin, 1995), a National Poetry Series selection. Her critical work includes the editing of Radical Vernacular: Lorine Niedecker and the Poetics of Place (University of Iowa Press, 2008). Recipient of the PEN New England Prize and a recent Guggenheim fellow in poetry, she teaches at Wesleyan University and is in residence this week at Paris X Nanterre.

Eugene Ostashevsky is a Russian-American poet and translator currently teaching at New York University in Paris. He is the author of two books and ten chapbooks of poetry, most notably The Life and Opinions of DJ Spinoza, published by Ugly Duckling Presse. His writing (samples on lyrikline.org) is characterized by multilingual punning, humor puerile and set-theoretical, philosophical depth and narratological dysfunction. He might, or might not, read from his new manuscript The Pirate Who Does Not Know the Value of Pi. He has had his librettos for contemporary classical music performed in Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Alberto Rigettini, Italian, is a poet, playwright, screenwriter, poetry pimp and freak-show barker. He is host of “Spoken Word Paris”, the fight club “Writers Get Violent” and “The Poetry Brothel in Paris”. He has been awarded The Lorca in Translation Competition, the Troubadour International Poetry Prize and his writing is included in the anthology Strangers in Paris: New Writing Inspired by the City of Light. He is currently writing a poetry collection in 5 settings: London, Spain, Italy, U.S. and France. In this special challenge for Poets Live, entitled “Whadda Hell? or The Divine Comedy for Dummies” he’ll invite you to enter the Inferno, 5 th Canto, 2 nd circle, also known as the circle of lust. May you all burn in the flames of Hell!

Next Poets Live event will be April 7, 2015. SLAM at Berkeley Books of Paris.


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